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"Tony and I have just finished repainting our hull on our 1974 Gulfstar Motosailer, Starketch II and if we do say so ourselves, She looks like a new boat. We used the Signature Finish Paint

that we have raved about before and are even more impressed with it. The color we had Tom Fabula mix for us is called 'Custom' a cream color with a tinge of yellow. I have also just completed redoing the Teak with Toms Signature, called Honey Teak. If this product stands up as well as the Signature Finish paint which has been on one boat for over eight years and still looks great, I will be very happy.

This product is so easy to apply that a child could do it. I have tried all the others and found that their boasts as to protection and longevity were false and the product very expensive..."

Susan and Tony Cabrals
Starketch II
Stuart, Florida

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