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"Honey Teak is by far the absolute toughest marine finish for teak that you can get..."

I'd like to thank Tom Fabula from Signature Finish in Florida for his help. His product, "Honey Teak", is by far the absolute toughest marine finish for teak that you can get. Powerboat Reports magazine did a long term test on finishes and this one came out on top.

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for pictures of my boat finished with Honey Teak.

- Donny Bennett
   Plattsburgh, NY

"After Forty (40) years of screwing around with varnish, I found my solution in February of 1993.

The Lucky Bee

My bright work was saved by using HONEY TEAK which was recommended to me by Rybovich/Spenser and applied by George Bonagura. After fifteen (15) months of continuous sun and weather, in Florida and Connecticut, 'The Lucky Bee' is still perfect. WHAT A PRODUCT!"

William and Betty Canavan
New Caanan, Connecticut and Jonothans's Landing Florida
Owners of the Lucky Bee.

Can of Honey "I hate sanding and varnishing my boat's teak every spring. Now that I've use Fabula Inc.'s Honey Teak, come April I'll be kickin' back in the cockpit while everyone else is still sanding away at the yard.
This treatment, which also works on mahogany, ash, spruce or fir, includes two steps: applying a triple-coat application of Honeycoat, followed by three coats of Crystalcoat. Six coats sounds like a lot of work, but it's actually less time-consuming than other wood treatments because you don't have to wait for each coat to dry before applying the next. You do have to wait an hour for Honeycoat to dry before switching to Crystalcoat.

I managed to fully treat the teak door and interior cabin trim on our 28' Bertram in one day - a job that usually takes a full weekend. The teak looks like new and best of all, maintenance is almost nil - all that's needed is a single coat of Crystalcoat once every 24 to 36 months. (In warmer climates, re-apply every 18 months.)
Lenny Rudow

Honey Teak was also featured on Ship Shape TV, episode #420. Ship Shape TV

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